Why are there 3 prices?

This year we introduce a new method of pricing our summer and day camp. We want every child to have the opportunity to attend camp, yet we realize that families often have limited financial resources available. We ask that you choose the rate that best fits your budget. Your camper will receive the same experience no matter which amount you choose to pay.

Tier 1 – the lowest amount – is a subsidized rate. Without the funding of Holston Presbytery, its parishioners, and other benefactors who value the impact of our mission, we could not continue to offer this rate. Please understand that we operate as a non-profit business with the goal of maintaining high standards of safety, cleanliness, and programming.

Tier 2 – the middle amount – represents a partially subsidized rate. This tier offers you the opportunity to provide greater financial support which benefits our ministry at Holston Camp.

Tier 3 – the highest amount – most closely approximates the cost we incur in providing camp for one camper. This rate ensures that Holston remains properly financed so that it can continue for future generations. Our expenses include utilities, insurance, staffing, and wear and tear of facilities, vehicles, grounds and equipment.

This new tier system is voluntary and will not influence your camper’s experience. Our preservation depends on children and youth continuing to come to our camp, as well as the financial assistance of those who believe in our mission and core values.

Our mission invites all people to walk together on a spiritual journey seeking understanding of God’s creation through the grace and love of Jesus Christ.

Our core values:

  • Recognize and extend God’s gracious acceptance to all people as they are.
  • Offer informative programs and safe activities designed to stimulate creativity, inspire thought and value God’s creation.
  • Remain open to the Holy Spirit especially through service, leadership and worship.
  • Nurture, support, and challenge individuals and the community to mature spiritually.