3-Peaks-in-3-States Challenge Camp

This is a new camp that we are very excited about! Holston Camp is blessed to be located within a short drive of 3 of the highest mountains in 3 different states: Mount Mitchell in North Carolina, Mount Rogers in Virginia, and Roan Mountain in Tennessee. Let us go to the top of each! Moses and Jesus were inspired by God on mountain tops, maybe we can be too. There is a lot to learn about the geology, biology, history, and culture of the Appalachian Mountains. We’ll make some scheduled stops along the way at points of interest. Let’s check it out!

Bring a sleeping bag and we’ll get the tents because we may want to camp atop one of these grand peaks.

Explorer and Wilderness hikers will join the other campers for campus activities while staying in our Rustic Camp. Rustic Camp is a short distance from Main Camp–over the hill and past the Tree House and Eagles Nest. Rustic Campers sleep in hammocks in screened-in cabins. They learn to work together to prepare and cook their own food. Rustic Campsites use a bath house with hot showers available.

3-Peaks-in-3-States Challenge Camp


Includes room, board, scheduled field trips, and Holston Camp T-Shirt.